About Us




We are a clothing brand that prioritizes social purpose.


If we break that down, we have two major parts.

1. Clothing Brand

2. Prioritize social purpose.

We make social purpose the first step in a business plan.

We create clothing you can be proud to wear.

We work with local artists to bring you unique designs.

We support student organizations.

We giveaway special designs that cannot be purchased.

We create online workshops to help facilitate social leadership.

We work to build a community around our clothing.

We tell the stories of social leaders.

We build infrastructure with a social purpose.

We assist organizations with getting to the source of their problems.

We connect organizations to achieve greater impact.

We work to permanently change the way we look at the future.

And we want to find more that we can do.

We ARE a clothing brand,

but it's so easy to just stop and see a store and think there is nothing else to it.

While we have a cover to our metaphorical book, we are just starting to fill the pages. We hope that you can help us achieve these wants and much more in the years to come.

On behalf of all of us here at Wired Kitten, I am proud to welcome you to our litter.


- Wired Kitten LLC, Est. 2020