Brandon Bodnar - The Founder

I've always struggled with doing things the normal way.

Go to school. Work hard. Get good grades. Graduate. Find a reputable job. Buy a home. Build a family. It sounds easy when typing it out. A straight forward approach taught to all of us, that so many people work to achieve.

Maybe it's because I haven't lived a very normal life, but that's never the route I have wanted to take. 

When graduating high school I was determined to live my life unconventionally.

I dreamt of making a difference. Building something that I could be proud of. Something that could become much bigger than I ever could.

I walked into the real world, started working a full-time job and was determined to build my first business during my free time.

I read books, worked with local consultants and continued to dream.

In nine months, with no prior experience for building a business, I had a website ready for launch. Then I watched it disappear before my eyes.

While I slept, a hurricane had torn through Florida and taken my server host with it. With no prior experience in website development, I failed to make a back up of my site and had to abandon the project.

I proceeded to move on with my life and fell to my backup plan of going to college.

As months turned into years, I started to lose hope that I would ever come up with another business idea that I could be proud of developing.

I built online stores, blogs, consulted for startups, and proceeded to work in every industry that I could while remaining in school.

After years of following along and feeling more lost with every passing minute. I finally found clarity with Wired Kitten.

Over time, I built a list of things I knew I wanted to do. While I updated the list over and over again. Deleting sections, adding new ones, etc. I always found the same things bubbling to the top with one common denominator.

Help Others.

Wired Kitten is everything I have learned over the years meshed into one business.

I have taken the initiative to bring Wired Kitten to life.

To bring you clothing you can be proud to wear.

To push you to take the initiative and help build a better tomorrow.

Only together can we bring light to the dark.

I hope our little cat will help guide you through it.


Brandon Bodnar

Founder of Wired Kitten


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